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Premium Domains

Squarely-directly, without deviating to one side

Squarely-in a direct and uncompromising manner; without equivocation domain is for sale -contact

Top 10 Reasons Why Domain Names Are a Great Investment

ALL MY DOMAINS ARE DOT COM-DOT COM IS KING-THE REST ARE TOTALLY BS!!! only stupid suckers buy domains other than dot com.

Domain names tell people specifically where to find you on the Internet

A Good Domain name presents a more professional image and can support and even build your Brand in the Marketplace

Domain names are unique – nobody else can own your domain name

Annual cost is just $10 to renew your domain name

Domain names can be easily shared with others via Word of Mouth

Direct traffic to your domain name costs you nothing

Search engines rank websites with relevant domain names higher

Domain names like any business asset can add value to your business at time of sale

Owning multiple domain names relating to your business can increase traffic and the number of qualified site visitors that you receive

Owning multiple Domain names blocks competition from entering into your space and increases the value of your business to potential buyers

” Pound for Pound , a superior Web Address is the most Powerful form of Perpetual Advertising any company can Buy

“The right domain name is the difference between success and failure. On the internet your domain name is your ‘real estate’. Get it right the first time.

“In the increasingly competitive world of internet commerce, having a strong domain name can provide a major edge.”

When it comes to the Internet, Location = Simplicity + Meaning

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